Quick & Easy Pay Day Loans

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Amount You Would Like To Borrow
You borrow: £100
You repay: £125

Payday Loans UK

Quick & Easy Pay Day Loans

Payday Loans UK supply residents in the UK with payday loans at the very best rates available and the lowest charges! Our low interest rates help to ensure that you do not get caught up in the vicious cycle of spiraling debt that can result from using lenders who offer loans with high APR’s attached to them. We have helped rescue many people in the UK who have fallen victim to unexpected expenses, helping them to meet financial obligations on time.

Reasons Why People Choose Us

People choose to use our payday loan service for many reasons, the most common reasons being:

  • Bills out of the blue.
  • Car broken down and needs fixing.
  • Important household appliances require replacement.

Alternatives to Consider Before Applying

Payday loans as a rule should not be used for anything other than important situations as they are an expensive form of borrowing money. Even though you may feel you have no other options available, it is best to ensure you have covered every option available. Some options you may not have considered previously are:

  • Ask a member of your family or a friend to loan you the money.
  • If you don’t have a job, search for temporary positions or part time jobs.
  • Sell items that you no longer use online to make a small bit of money.
  • Ask to work more hours if you currently work.

What Not to Use A Payday Loan For

We do not recommend using a payday loan unless it is urgent as a payday loan is an expensive form of borrowing money. Examples of what a payday loan should not be used for are:

  • Do not purchase things you want, only things that you need.
  • Use the money to go on a holiday
  • Purchase items which are on sale for a limited time

Short Term Loans

By nature this type of loan is a short term loan and will usually be required to be paid back in full on the borrowers next payday. We will endeavor to find the best deal for you and your circumstances from our list of reputable lenders with no hidden charges or fees.